SurvOPT 3.11.0: What’s New?

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Import preplot lines from P1/11 format

Preplot lines can now be imported from P1/11 format. SurvOPT will first look for N1 preplot line records, followed by P1 postplot vessel position records, and P1/S1 source postplot position records.

Adjust the amount of line simplification, when importing 4D lines

SurvOPT automatically simplifies 4D lines during import, as these lines are typically not straight, but instead contain hundreds or thousands of small deviations (waypoints). Simplification is done by eliminating waypoints that are within a specified distance in the crossline direction, and this distance is now adjustable. For best performance, we recommend simplifying as much as possible, although it is of course important to strike a balance between optimising for performance and retaining enough detail to be able to follow the vessel’s original path.