SurvOPT 3.8: What’s New?

SurvOPT Fold Map

New fold and binning features

SurvOPT can now calculate fold and bin grid properties. Fold and binning settings are updateable in the new Fold Configuration Dialog.

The new fold map can be displayed for planned production in Planning Simulator mode, and for completed production in Production Reviewer mode. We’re told the fold map calculates quite fast relative to other fold analysis tools, so this is a great way to quickly assess and compare potential coverage across different scenarios while your survey is in the planning stage.

A Fold Statistics display is available in all modes.

SurvOPT’s fold features will be expanded further in coming releases, with plans including: inclusion of fold maps and fold statistics in reports; exports to P6/98 format; and more comprehensive configuration options for the fold map display.

SurvOPT Fold Map
SurvOPT Fold Map

Seisintel CSV format exports

SurvOPT can now export vessel tracks and objects to Seisintel CSV format, for easy import into the Seisintel client portal.

Planned sequences and line changes can be exported from Planning Simulator mode, completed sequences can be exported from Production Reviewer and Scenario Editor, and objects such as survey polygons, shallow areas and other obstructions can be exported from all modes.

While intended for Seisintel, this simple export format uses latitude, longitude coordinate pairs in WGS84 and as such, has potential for use in a range of applications.

# ------------------------
# Seisintel Vessel Track Import Format
# Version 1.2
# All coordinates in WGS84 Geographic EPSG 4326 Decimal Degrees
# Exported by SurvOPT version 3.8.0
# ------------------------
# Project Name
Project,SurvOPT Guided Tour Project
Track,2016-07-10 14:02:37,7.123938,118.081230,34.330713,98.313744
Track,2016-07-10 14:07:37,7.152201,118.112222,34.330713,357.122095
Track,2016-07-10 14:12:37,7.179503,118.075973,42.504754,278.313744
Track,2016-07-10 14:17:37,7.187953,118.017212,34.330713,278.145091
Track,2016-07-10 14:22:37,7.159593,117.986308,34.330713,176.953442
Track,2016-07-10 14:27:37,7.132364,118.022653,42.504754,98.313744
Polygon,Bintut Island,7.098506,118.420017,7.100857,118.419924,7.100144,118.428071,7.098064,118.427984,7.097424,118.422282,7.098506,118.420017
Point,,Mandah Island,7.079109,118.455805,500.000001
Point,,Bohan Island,7.086141,118.438236,560.446251
Polygon,Survey Area,6.770202,118.063615,6.680124,118.685931,7.133756,118.452028,7.186753,118.084800

Coming in version 3.8.1, preplots will also be exportable in this format. Meanwhile, our friends at Seisintel are working on SurvOPT-compatible object exports from the Seisintel client portal.

SurvOPT CSV export, loaded into Seisintel
SurvOPT CSV export, loaded into Seisintel

Bug fixes and usability improvements

  • Usability: SurvOPT’s survey type (2D or 3D) determination can now be overridden either during the New Scenario Wizard or in Scenario Properties – General Information.
  • Usability: SurvOPT will no longer load dogleg preplot lines if the lines cannot be simplified to fewer than 100 segments. (Loading highly complex dogleg lines, such as source records from 4D surveys, previously caused performance issues.)
  • Usability: Add Layer button added to background image layer dialog, making the process of adding a new image more intuitive.
  • Usability: Figures on vessel diagram are now rounded to two decimal places.
  • Fixed: Slightly inaccurate source and receiver positions in P190 exports (due to calculating positions based on vessel position at the nearest whole second).
  • Fixed: Receiver numbering in P190 exports starts at 1 for each streamer. (Receiver numbering now continues to increment with each streamer for a single shot point, and only resets to 1 at the next shot point.)