1. To download SurvOPT, you need a password.  If you don’t have a password to our secure download area, click the “Request password” link for the relevant product on the downloads page to generate a password request email. Please attach your signature so we know who you are!

The license and support email addresses are monitored seven days a week, so we’ll usually get back to you fairly quickly.

2. Next choose a version to download.  The latest stable versions of SurvOPT and QuickPLOT Pro will always be available from the downloads page.


1. Now run the Installer. You’ll see a series of dialogs:

2. The first will ask if you want to check for a later version. Click Yes.
You’ll see a message telling you whether you have the latest stable version.

3. You will be given options to choose the installation directory (the default is C:Program Files), and to choose whether to install shortcuts for all users.

4. After running through the above options the software will finish installing, which will take a few moments.

5. The software will open, along with the User Manual. (You may like to read the “What’s New” page of the User Manual to find out about new features included in the version that you have just installed.

Note on installation: Later versions of Windows may require the installer to be ‘run as adminstrator’. To do this, right-click on the installer and select Run as Adminstrator.


1. If you do not yet have a license installed, the Licensing dialog will pop up and you’ll need to obtain a license for SurvOPT or QuickPLOT Pro.

2. Click the “Request License” button: A Request License dialog will open.

3. Fill in the Licensee details and follow the prompts to generate an email containing the information required by Engenius to generate an appropriate license.

4. We’ll respond as quickly as possible with your new license, which you will need to enter into the license dialog.

5. Once a license has been successfully installed, the dialog will update to show the new license details and expiry date.

6. Close the Licensing dialog to start using SurvOPT.

You can check on the status of your license anytime by selecting Help menu->License

Note: More detailed licensing steps and screenshots are can be found on the Licensing page in the SurvOPT and QuickPLOT Pro user manuals. (Press F1 withing the software to open the user manual, or go to Help menu->User Manual.)