About Us

Engenius Software

There must be a better way! This simple yet powerful catchphrase underpins all that we do.

An unrelenting passion for efficiency and optimization combined with some very clever people allows us to take complex problems and break them down into simple, effective and fully optimized software solutions.

We specialise in marine logistics, route planning, cost estimation and risk management and have developed the following leading software solutions for the oil and gas exploration industry.

survOPT | seafloorPLANNER | quickPLOT Pro

Our flagship product, survOPT, is used by all major seismic acquisition companies and we are also privileged to count many energy companies including the super majors as loyal customers.

Feel free to drop us a line for a free demo of any of our solutions or catch us at the EAGE and SEG conferences each year.

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SurvOPT technology is protected under patent numbers US 7554880, Australia 2002235665, China 02805973.5, Europe 02702168.2, Norway 100176182.