What is survOPT ?
A software solution that optimizes marine seismic acquisition projects.

What survey parameters can survOPT model for me ?
Almost anything you can think of including the following:

1. Number, length and spread of streamers.

2. Vessel speed and turn radius.

3. Currents and environmental factors.

4. The effect of weather standby on total survey duration.

5. Route planning around obstructions such as platforms and shallows.

6. The effect of implementing a fixed shooting direction on total survey duration

A typical question that survOPT can answer with ease……

We’ve got 17 obstructions, a coastline and 150 preplot lines. Preplots 65 to 97 must be shot northwards, and we can’t shoot on preplots 80 to 94 during June. How long will the survey take ?

What is seafloorPLANNER ?
A software solution that optimizes ocean bottom node seismic acquisition projects.

What survey parameters can seafloorPLANNER model for me ?
Almost anything you can think of including the following:

1.  Different line spacing

2. Different turn patterns

3.  Wider patches

4. More or less receivers

A typical question that serafloorPLANNER can answer with ease……

I want to compare different scenarios for these and many other factors and visualise immediately how these affect the survey duration. What is the quickest way to get the best coverage ?

What is quickPLOT Pro ?

QuickPLOT Pro creates 2D, 3D, Multi Azimuth and Wide Azimuth pre-plots using a simple wizard interface combined with a sophisticated editing toolkit

What input is needed to create a P190 pre-plot ?

QuickPLOT Pro can generate P190 pre-plot lines using any of the following:

1. An imported survey area polygon (or polygons)

2. A set of easting, northing polygon vertex coordinates

3. A set of preplot lines imported from a range of formats (text, P19-90, shapefile, etc)

4. A basic rectangular polygon or 2D line

How do I manipulate a pre-plot ?

Polygons and lines can be edited using the click and drag map interface, or by specifying coordinates, or by using a range of useful tools such as Duplicate, Rotate, Optimize Azimuth, Tidy Polygon, Normalize Origin, etc.

Can I store Vessel Parameters ?

Vessel configuration files allow appropriate parameters for commonly used vessels to be saved and easily re-used in multiple projects, ensuring consistent planning results across your organisation.