Seafloor Planner 2.5: What’s New?

Load receiver and source area polygons from shapefiles

Receiver area and source area polygons can now be loaded from shapefiles, whereas previously they could only be loaded in text format.

To import a receiver area polygon, use the “Defined by Polygon (from file)” option on the Survey Configuration dialog > Receivers > Receiver Locations.

To import a source area polygon, use either of the “Defined by Polygon and Offsets” or “Defined by Polygon and Pattern” options on the Survey Configuration dialog > Templates > Source Locations.

Seafloor Planner will automatically read any coordinate reference system (CRS) information accompanying the shapefile. On the Projection and Date tab of the Survey Configuration dialog, you can choose whether to use this CRS as the project CRS, or to convert the polygon vertex coordinates from this CRS to the project CRS.

New receiver points CSV export available

This export outputs every receiver location in the survey, in CSV format. It includes information about receiver locations, lay and collect datetimes with and without downtime, as well as how long each receiver is down for and how much battery life is expected to remain at collection time.

The export is available from File menu > Export Receiver Audit as CSV.

Bug fixes and usability improvements

  • Usability: Shot and receiver task CSV exports now include “Start time with downtime”, “Finish time with downtime”, and “Duration with downtime” columns
  • Usability: Statistics adjusted to display line change time per day separately according to vessel type, and renamed from “Turn Time / Day” to “Line chg time / day” for clarity
  • Usability: Maximum allowed receiver polygon size increased from 5,000,000,000 sq length units (i.e. usually 5,000 sq km) to 50,000,000,000 sq length units
  • Usability: Extra checks added to ensure that receiver and source files specified in the survey config dialog still exist
  • Usability: Selection Properties display and receiver tasks CSV export now include the name and receiver range for each receiver line, when handling multiple receiver lines per lay/collect task
  • Fixed: Incorrect patch number is displayed in Selection Details panel when a shot or receiver task is selected, if Templates > Starting Edge is set to “far from axis”
  • Fixed: Misleading receiver range sometimes displayed for receiver tasks in Selection Properties display and in receiver tasks CSV export, when handling multiple receiver lines per lay/collect task
  • Fixed: Seafloor Planner freezes when trying to open a project that contains a WMS image, if the WMS is no longer available
  • Fixed: Survey simulation play button is disabled after reaching the end
  • Fixed: Failure to load receiver or source polygon files, if the filename contains a non-ASCII character
  • Fixed: Names of imported receiver lines are lost when the lines are obstructed
  • Fixed: Receiver and shot point names on imported lines are lost when the lines are obstructed
  • Fixed: Repeated vertex in an obstruction causes incorrect safety margin